What to take with you Caravanning


The good old British camping or caravanning holiday has been some what of an institution for decades; come what may, rain, wind or even sleet, a week in the caravan is good for the soul. Although many people these days do prefer the luxury of a hotel abroad, if you are preparing for your traditional week in your caravan on the coast or in Wales, you need to pack your essentials. Below are some things you really cannot afford to leave at home:

Firstly, regardless of the time of year, you can never rely on the British weather, so wellies, waterproof trousers and coats are a must. Warm clothes and dressing gowns are also a good idea, even if the weather forecast will have you believe that it is going to be sunny. If your journey to the caravan is going to be a long one, then a picnic with warm drinks, some wet wipes and spare plastic bags for mishaps by the children are also a must.

No traditional caravanning holiday would be complete without cooking up a feast out in the outdoor air, so unless you leave your essentials in your caravan or they will be supplied, make sure you pack your stove, a tin opener and some basic cutlery, crockery and washing up essentials; there is nothing like trying to get sausage fat off your frying pan with no scourer or washing up liquid.

Depending on facilities on site, you may also like to take along your food essentials such as tea bags, UHT milk, potatoes and bread. Next , turn your attentions to night time essentials such as your wash kit, loo rolls, enough warm bedding and midge repellant and spray. If you are traveling with small children then calpol is a must as are the contents of a basic first aid kit.

These above items with enough changes of clothing should keep you warm and fed for the duration, so next you should turn your attentions to other practicalities. A good book to read at night would be great, as is a camera to keep snaps of all your family fun, but before you set off, make sure you are legal and ready for the road. You will need a rear registration plate for your caravan and extension mirrors for driving, not to mention your caravan brace and steadies.

Last but not least, think of essentials you will need to keep your family safe whilst on site, these including a smoke alarm with batteries in your caravan as well as a fire blanket and extinguisher. When you are hiring a caravan then these items will come as standard, although it is always worth checking that they are present and there are batteries in the alarm.

Finally, to avoid those midnight trips to the shower block, a chemical toilet is a must for a small caravan as is a fresh water container and a waste pipe. Once you have checked all these things off the list, you can add extras such as an awning with pegs and even some sun tan lotion and sun glasses for those unpredictable sunny English afternoons.