Types of Caravans


In the United Kingdom, there are several types of caravans that you can choose from. The traditional caravan that was common in the past was the single axle van. It is still available today and it is used by people who are travelling as a couple or a group not exceeding 6 people. Larger caravans tend to weigh more and hold a larger group of people and that is why they have twin axles. Though the main caravan manufacturers in the U.K. are Explorer Group, Swift and Bailer, there are also imports from America and Europe.

In the event you are thinking of getting a foreign import, you should take some things into consideration. For example, the width of the caravan should not be more than 2.3 metres. If it exceeds this width, it will be illegal to tow in the United Kingdom. Additionally, you should make sure you check with your preferred insurance policy provider. In some cases, they may be reluctant to insure a particular type of van.

Now that you have an idea of the restrictions you may face when importing a caravan, you should have some idea of the types available. One of the major types of caravans is the folding camper. A folding camper is quite easy to tow as it folds down into a trailer. Once you have arrived at the site of your choice, you can unfold them. They normally unfold to the size of a caravan providing a spacious living area that has all the equipment you may need. The major disadvantage with a folding camper is the time it will take to erect the camper when you arrive, as well as the time it takes to fold it when you leave. In a normal caravan situation, you may have the kettle on and your feet up!

If you prefer to have something compact, tiny teardrop trailers will prove to be more popular especially if you have a small towing vehicle. A number of manufacturers are responsible for making these caravans. Popular brands include The Pod, Danbury Tear Drop and Bedbug. Keep in mind that they will need occasional short breaks because their accommodation is very basic. Most of them have just enough room for some kitchen equipment and a double bed.

Pop-top caravans are also a good buy. Their lower roof line makes them more economical to tow. The low roof line should not be an issue as you can 'pop the top' and lift the roof to increase head height. Such a move also provides ample living space.

All caravans are mostly made with more or less the same dimensions. Their different weights should be made a priority when buying a caravan. Make sure you do not pay so much attention to the exterior. The interior is more important as it should have basic components such as beds and some kitchen equipment. If you are planning to go on holiday using a caravan, choose one that will best suit your needs. You can decorate its interior to meet your standards so that you can have the best holiday experience.