Popular Caravanning Locations in the UK


Are you the type of person who likes to go out and explore the open road by discovering new places? If you are then a caravanning holiday is definitely something that you should consider. One of the benefits of caravanning is the fact that you get to have the opportunity to stay in some of the most stunning places in the world. If you would like to determine where the most popular holiday places are, you will find out that UK is noticeably one of the most common choices by a lot of people.

There is actually a long list of all the beautiful locations that is perfect for caravanning getaways in UK. But before you even decide as to what is your final destination, check out the different areas we listed below. Once you've made up your mind then you can start planning your adventure.

1. The West Country:

The West Country is said to one of UK's hidden gems especially when it comes to holiday planning. Of course everyone has heard of the Stonehenge and Bath but for sure, you also might want to check out Lacock, Avebury and Castle Combe. The West Country is a place for those people who like a quiet time and a small old-fashioned charm. This is a place wherein there are so many things that you can do while enjoying the many stunning landscapes.

2. Pembrokeshire:

Even if this location is far, the fact that it is very beautiful makes up for the distance. The Pembrokeshire coast, with its great waves, good weather, lots of history, fantastic beaches and a whole lot of things to do, remains one of the most popular destinations for all kinds of holiday-makers.

3. Yorkshire:

Sicne Yorkshire is a very large county, you can take advantage of the fact that caravanning does not entail that you stay in just one place. Yorkshire has it all from the wild wonders of the Yorkshire Dales or Pennies, the small town allure of York or Harrowgate, or the beaches at Whitby or Scarborough. It also helps that this destination is very friendly and inexpensive.

4. Cornwall:

Just like Pembrokeshire, Cornwall is a beautiful destination but its distance is a bit of a disadvantage for most caravanners. As soon as you get to the location though, you will realize how great of a place it is for holidays especially for those who love outdoor adventure. The activities range from surfing in Newquay, going to Bodmin Moor and hiking The Copper Trail, and to experience all other outdoor events in Falmouth.

5. Devon:

This destination is considered to be a little mix of everything that was mentioned above. Devon is in most cases warmer than Pembrokeshire or Cornwall. It is also blessed with amazing beaches and coastlines, famous surfing areas, striking seaside towns and a wonderful interior of Dartmoor that is great to explore.

Caravanning is a type of holiday that is all about enjoying and exploring the wonderful British countryside. Aside from the benefit of staying in a stunning location, there are also health benefits because of the fact that the countryside offers fresh air and can be an opportunity for holiday-takers to sit back, enjoy and relax.